Amanda’s comedy week-in-review: March 18-24, 2012


It’s been a busy week for comedy in the GVRD – and it’s not even over yet.  Here’s Amanda’s recap of the things she made it to this week:


Improv Mondays at Rowan’s Roof

Small crowd, big laughs. Chip Ellis sure knows how to book ‘em, and this week was no exception. There were a few new-to-us faces, which is always delightful, and it was great to see Cam McLeod do his thing again. We haven’t crossed paths in a while. Good times.


New Comics Competition at the Kino Cafe

This was the second week of first-year comics in the competition, and man, was it a good lineup. Congrats to winner Colin Sharp and runner-up Andrew Sauder, who get to feature this coming Tuesday at the second-year show. Sharp, Jacob Samuel and Jordan Cohen (in no particular order) had my favourite sets of the night, but everyone really knocked it out of the park. If you’re free on Tuesday, check out the second year competition. It promises to be an excellent show.

Wednesday: Yuk Yuk’s first-ever amateur night

Yuk Yuk’s is back in town, and to kick things off, Chris Molineux booked an outstanding local lineup. For me, some of the best sets of the evening came from Darren Elmore, Dan Willows, KatieEllen Humphries, Jesse Carroll and Art Factora. I also really enjoyed Andy Kallstrom, who we hadn’t seen before, and, of course, Ben McGinnis, who continues to be awesome. And Sean Emeny, who has been wearing a lot of visors lately (to adorable effect) was, as always, offbeat and hilarious.

Thursday: Nearly Robots launch show

I’m pretty excited about Nearly Robots, and you should be too. The website features the humorous writings and/or drawings of David McLean, Jacob Samuel, Brittany Drysdale, Emma Overton, Kyle Stevenson and Jordana Globerman. The launch show was at the Electric Owl and featured McLean, Samuel, Jordan Cohen, Alex Sparling, Rupert Common, Scott Patey and more. Some of the comics on the bill hadn’t been performing very long, but you wouldn’t have known it. Definitely a fun show.


UBCimprov’s IMPULSE fest

Improv is weird awesome, you guys. Especially when it takes place in a lecture theatre at UBC on a Friday night. The show featured groups from Lewis and Clark (Portland, Oregon), the University of Alberta and the University of Winnipeg, each doing a different form. I think the Notorious UIGs (from the UofA) had my favourite form – in their unpronounceably named form, they all play the same character in different times of that character’s life. I thought was a really effective, collaborative way to explore characterization. For me, SCRIPTed, from Lewis and Clark stole the show on sheer group synergy alone, but all of the groups developed interesting, creative storylines and characters. The last show of the festival is tonight. Recommended!

Emo Phillips at Yuk Yuk’s 

We’ll be publishing a full review later, so I won’t say too much about it now. The crowd was a little unruly (yay Friday late shows!) which the addition to the lineup of country-music-comedy trio The Hicks did nothing to improve. Aside from that slight unevenness in the lineup, though, it was a pretty fun show. Emo is at Yuk Yuk’s for two more shows tonight (which, I believe, the Hicks aren’t on.) Worth seeing.

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