Capsule review: Erica Sigurdson Live at the Waldorf

Amanda says:

As with the Live at the Waldorf specials that came before Erica Sigurdson’s, I really enjoyed the honest laughter (no laugh track! yay!) and the lack of commercial breaks or other awkward edits.There are a few minor technical issues here – the audio is a bit uneven and there are a few spots where the focus is soft – but, thankfully, it’s not enough to detract from the material.

Sigurdson has one of my absolute favourite abortion jokes, but she didn’t tell it during her Live at the Waldorf set. I wish they’d taped it and sold it as a special features segment. It’d be worth a few extra bucks.

Despite the lack of truly controversial content, Sigurdson delivers a solid 40 minutes of laughs. Luckily for fans of her edgier material, though, her claws aren’t completely retracted. She lets into a few audience members who weren’t laughing – making her the only comic so far to do any crowd work in her Waldorf special – and, as always, has a few choice words for crazy Vancouver moms.

Sigurdson is that little voice in your head who just can’t keep quiet about all the weirdness and hypocrisy in the world. That’s always been my favourite thing about her. It’s the reason I keep coming back for more, and it’s the reason I recommend her Live at the Waldorf special. It’s the perfect companion for a bottle of cheap wine on a solitary, world-weary Thursday evening.

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