Capsule review: Patrick Maliha Live at the Waldorf

Amanda says:

If you like lighthearted sexual humour, Patrick Maliha’s Live at the Waldorf special is the one for you. If you’re easily offended or hate The Simpsons for some reason, steer clear.

Maliha’s special perfectly captures what it’s like to see him live. Everything is intact, from his pseudo-improvised delivery of tried and true material to his penchant for Cosby impressions and even his most disgustingly NSFW bit.

I’ve seen better sets from Maliha. But I’ve also seen many audiences that appreciated his style more. It almost seems, in spots, like the Live at the Waldorf audience didn’t quite know what to do with him. As a home viewer, it makes for a bit of a weird dynamic.

All that notwithstanding, though, this was fun. Maliha is a pleasure to watch – he’s relaxed, in complete control and obviously enjoying himself. There’s not a lot of earth-shattering insight here, but there are several dick jokes and some really great impressions. And really, what more does anyone want?

You can buy Patrick Maliha’s special for just $5 here. While you’re there, check out all of the other specials in the series. They’re great. 

If you want to support Patrick’s comedy-producing endeavours (and Vancouver comedy in general) catch a few People’s Champ shows. 60 comedians are competing for a chance at $20,000. Click here for more. 



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