Capsule review: Shirley Gnome – C’untry Music

This is not your grandpa’s country music. Hank Williams would not be proud.

It’s C’untry Music, and damn is it funny.

The ten-track album by Vancouver’s very own People’s Champ of Comedy, Shirley Gnome, touches on such sensitive subjects as saggy testicles, unwelcome threesomes and anal sex.

You might expect material like this to be pretty one-note, but Gnome manages to make it resonate emotionally. I mean, what girl hasn’t been too tired to put out (“Go Fuck Yourself”)? Or resolved to have that last first time (“Assflower”)? Or had a lover propose a threesome (“Menage a Twat”)?

I laughed out loud at every track on the album, but “James and the Giant Peach,” “Mementos of Love,” “Assflower” and “Just Friends” are definite standouts. (Okay, that’s nearly half the album. See what I mean?)

If you want to experience the awesomeness that is C’untry Music firsthand, head down to the Sin Bin tomorrow night (Oct. 12)  for the Big Reach Around CD release party. (Details here.)

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