Capsule reviews

Capsule review: Patrick Maliha Live at the Waldorf

Amanda says: If you like lighthearted sexual humour, Patrick Maliha’s Live at the Waldorf special is the one for you. If you’re easily offended or hate The Simpsons for some reason, steer clear. Maliha’s special perfectly captures what it’s like … Continue reading

Capsule review: Dylan Rhymer Live at the Waldorf Hotel

Amanda says: I would like to take this opportunity to note that I have recently become a Dylan Rhymer fan. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen – I’m stubborn – but his State of the Week ranting and … Continue reading

Capsule review: Erica Sigurdson Live at the Waldorf

Amanda says: As with the Live at the Waldorf specials that came before Erica Sigurdson’s, I really enjoyed the honest laughter (no laugh track! yay!) and the lack of commercial breaks or other awkward edits.There are a few minor technical … Continue reading

Capsule review: Joke Explorer: Charlie Demers Live at the Waldorf Hotel

Amanda says: To the guy in the audience of Charlie Demers’ Live at the Waldorf special who was laughing so hard he was sobbing: amen, brother. I cried the first time I saw him live, too. And the second and … Continue reading

Amanda’s comedy week-in-review: March 18-24, 2012

  It’s been a busy week for comedy in the GVRD – and it’s not even over yet.  Here’s Amanda’s recap of the things she made it to this week: Monday: Improv Mondays at Rowan’s Roof Small crowd, big laughs. … Continue reading

Our comedy week-in-review: Feb 26 to March 3

Lots of great comedy happened in our fair GVRD last week, and we hardly made it to any of it. But what we did see was fantastic and we wanted to mention it briefly here. Tuesday, Feb. 28 – The … Continue reading

Capsule review – Sudden Death Improv, Saturday Feb. 11

  Turn down a discreetly labelled PoCo side street. Ignore the A&W and Dairy Queen. Climb a long, utilitarian flight of stairs. Find yourself in the improv oasis that is the Second Storey Theatre. We did just that on Saturday … Continue reading

Weekend recap – Feb. 4-6, 2012

  We Comedy Killers had a busy weekend this weekend, with stops at Byron Bertram’s sneak preview of his show Guilt-Ridden Sociopath at Goldies on Saturday, the EastVanComedy-produced Idle Minds show at Havana on Sunday and judging the Bobbers on … Continue reading

Capsule review – 10 Speed First Anniversary!

  We sent Amanda down to the China Cloud last night for the first anniversary of  10 Speed, the improv interruption extravaganza. This is what she had to say: Unsurprisingly, the 10 Speed anniversary show was excellent. Standouts were The … Continue reading

Furious Anger Fun Hour 12 – Capsule review

                  The first Furious Anger Fun Hour show of the year was held on Tuesday night at the Havana Restaurant, and we were there to see what the troupe (Peter Carlone, Bryan … Continue reading

Stage Freight #6: Kozmik Zoo edition – Capsule review/recap

We sent Amanda down to the Kozmik Zoo for the sixth annual Stage Freight comedy competition last night, where 18 comics were vying for $100 in cash and prizes – and, more importantly, bragging rights. The competitors were: Round 1: … Continue reading

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