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Review: Ivan Decker Live at the Waldorf Hotel

Brian says: Ivan Decker’s contribution to the series of standup specials shot at the Waldorf Hotel for thestandupcomedians.com is…get ready for it…perfect. From start to finish, Decker hits all the right notes and delivers plenty of the sweet surreality and … Continue reading

Review: Graham Clark Live at the Waldorf Hotel

Amanda says: Okay, let’s get this out in the open right off the top: I’m not a big fan of pre-recorded comedy. I prefer the immediacy of live shows, and I hate commercial breaks, laugh tracks and choppy editing. Thankfully, … Continue reading

Review: Emo Phillips with Jay Brown, Bryan O’Gorman and The Hicks at Yuk Yuk’s, March 23

Amanda says:        Brian says:       Amanda says: Ah, the Friday late show, where no matter how great the comedians are, the crowd is always rowdy. This show was no different – I was almost tempted … Continue reading

ComedyFest 2012: Todd Glass

BRIAN SAYS: Todd Glass closed the Vancouver ComedyFest Saturday night at the VSO School of Music’s Pyatt Hall, and he put on an absolutely stellar show. Before Glass hit the stage and brought down the house, a few other comedians … Continue reading

Vancouver ComedyFest 2012: Closing Gala photos and review

  BRIAN SAYS: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross hosted the final night of the Vancouver ComedyFest this Saturday at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts and brought some of their comedian friends with them. Amanda took pictures [above] and … Continue reading

The Pump Trolley Revue with Dave Shumka – Dec. 2, 2011

    BRIAN SAYS:         AMANDA SAYS:       Brian: I seriously had a hard time deciding whether or not I would give my first score of 5/5 laughs to Pump Trolley’s Revue show last night, … Continue reading

Glenn Wool at the Comedy MIX – Nov. 25, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:         BRIAN SAYS:   Amanda: Sometimes The Comedy MIX puts on a show and it’s like they chose the lineup just for me. This weekend’s Glenn Wool show was one of those times. Darcy Michael … Continue reading

Titmouse! With Dylan Rhymer’s Comedy Allsorts – Nov. 3, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:       BRIAN SAYS:       Amanda: Dylan Rhymer is the Todd Glass of Vancouver. Comics love him and find him hilarious, but audiences don’t always respond with equal enthusiasm. The audience at the Kozmik Zoo … Continue reading

Pump Trolley and Ivan Decker – Ghouls Rush In

  AMANDA SAYS:       After approximately four seconds of deep consideration, I have organized my thoughts regarding last night’s Pump Trolley Sketch Show into the following (extremely fangirl-ey) points: 1) Is it legal to marry a sketch troupe? … Continue reading

One Mic Stand – Whistler, Oct. 8, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:         BRIAN SAYS: Amanda: We made the trek up to Whistler on Saturday to catch One Mic Stand, which was billed as ‘the return of professional standup comedy to Whistler.’  Carter Hortie MC’ed the Johnny … Continue reading

Nikki Payne at the Comedy Mix – Sept. 24, 2011

  AMANDA SAYS:         BRIAN SAYS:         Amanda: There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a professional comic do what they do best. Especially when that comic is Darcy Michael, and he’s on top form. … Continue reading

UPDATED: The Roast of Mayor Gregor at the Olio Festival, Sept. 22, 2011

Now with photos!   We had some scheduling conflicts this week, so Brian’s duties were graciously assumed by Sarah Casimong, a fellow comedy fan and journalism student.  SARAH SAYS:         AMANDA SAYS:       Amanda:   … Continue reading

10 Speed at the China Cloud – Sept. 21, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:         BRIAN SAYS:   Amanda: You’d definitely miss the entrance to the China Cloud Theatre if you didn’t know it was there. It’s a tiny little doorway tucked away between an apothecary and a clothing … Continue reading

Comedians You Should See at Guilt and Company, Sept. 18, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:       BRIAN SAYS:       Amanda: You’re probably thinking: Sean Emeny, Simon King, Brett Martin, Carter Hortie and Kelly Dixon on one bill, FOR FREE, and she only gave the night a 3/5? What a … Continue reading

Comedy at the Kingston – Thursday Sept. 15, 2011

     BRIAN SAYS:       AMANDA SAYS: Amanda says: Johnny Scoop said he had a bad feeling about this week’s Comedy at the Kingston, but fortunately, his feeling didn’t come true. Granted, the audience was tiny – there … Continue reading

The Comedy Mix Pro-Am: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011

  BRIAN SAYS:       AMANDA SAYS:     Brian: I had yet another great night at The Comedy Mix this Tuesday, the first time I have seen a pro-am night at the venue. Even before the show started, … Continue reading

Norm Macdonald at the River Rock Sept. 10, 2011

AMANDA SAYS:         It seems that every big-name headliner we’ve seen this year has chosen somebody completely useless as their special guest. It kind of makes sense, because the headliner always looks way better by comparison…but I … Continue reading

Simon King at The Comedy Mix – Friday, Sept. 2, 2011

  AMANDA SAYS:       The Comedy Mix was far from full at this friday’s early show, and the people who bothered to show up were pretty much useless. I always feel bad for comics when a room is … Continue reading

Darby’s Tuesday Night Comedy – Aug. 30, 2011

BRIAN SAYS:       Oh boy.  This is hard for me to write. Last night’s comedy show at Darby’s was a bit of a letdown. This comedy night, created by Patrick Maliha, has a great reputation and I expected … Continue reading

Thursday Night Showcase at the Kingston – Aug. 25, 2011

AMANDA SAYS: This Thursday’s Comedy at the Kingston was fantastic. The space is great for comedy, rough enough to give the right atmosphere, but clean and well-kept, which is always nice. Host/showrunner Johnny Scoop prides himself on attention to detail … Continue reading

The Canadian Comedy Awards 2010: Best of the Fest/11th Annual Variety special (the Comedy Network, Aug. 24, 2011)

BRIAN SAYS:         Comedy specials are a fickle bitch, and last night’s Canadian Comedy Awards special, which aired on the Comedy Network, proved this point flawlessly. The special served the purpose of showcasing some of Canada’s best … Continue reading

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