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We have wracked our brains – and the Internet – to bring you this utterly incomplete and woefully inadequate list of comedians currently working in Vancouver. We apologize for the complete non-user-friendliness of the format. We’re still working out the kinks, but we wanted to bring you what little we had sooner, rather than later.

We’re sure we’ve missed more than half of you, for which we are deeply sorry. We’re forgetful and ignorant and we just don’t know what we’re doing. If we were cruel enough to forget you, please send us an strongly-worded email (admin@thecomedykillers.com) and let us know. Please include as many web links as you can and we’ll fix our mistake ASAP.

We are also sorry if we did include you, but put you in the wrong place or missed half the awesome stuff you do. Please send us an email and correct us. (Feel free to call us a few names. We probably deserve it.)

And don’t forget to check out our Comedians main page for info on what we really want this section of the site to look like.

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name.associated with.genre.links.
Amy WildingThe Amy Wilding Show!, The Bobbersstand-up, improvThe Amy Wilding Show on Facebook
Julia StretchThe Bobbersstand-up, improvJulia Stretch's blog Julia Stretch on Facebook
Lee Ann KepleLaff Riot Girls, The Bobbersstand-up, improvN/A
Byron Bertramstand-up, sketchByron Bertram's website Byron Bertram on Twitter Byron Bertram on Facebook
Charlie Demersstand-up, sketchCharlie Demers on Twitter
Dylan RhymerBlackout Broadcaststand-up, sketchDylan Rhymer on Twitter Dylan Rhymer's website Dylan Rhymer on Facebook
Alex HudsonPump Trolley Comedystand-up, sketch, improvPump Trolley Comedy
Ian BoothbyTitmouse!, Canadian Content, Amuse Bouchestand-up, sketch, improvIan Boothby on Twitter Ian Boothby on Facebook
Lauren McGibbonFancy Pants, TheatreSportsstand-up, sketch, improvLauren McGibbon on Twitter Lauren McGibbon on Facebook Fancy Pants' website
Roman DanyloComedy Inc, Urban Improvstand-up, sketch, improvRoman Danylo's website Roman Danylo on Twitter
Warren BatesPump Trolley Comedystand-up, sketch, improvWarren Bates on Twitter
Paul AnthonyTalent TimevarietyTalent Time website Paul Anthony on Twitter
Sara BynoeTeen Angst, Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten WritingvarietySara Bynoe's website Sara Bynoe on Twitter

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