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We have wracked our brains – and the Internet – to bring you this utterly incomplete and woefully inadequate list of comedians currently working in Vancouver. We apologize for the complete non-user-friendliness of the format. We’re still working out the kinks, but we wanted to bring you what little we had sooner, rather than later.

We’re sure we’ve missed more than half of you, for which we are deeply sorry. We’re forgetful and ignorant and we just don’t know what we’re doing. If we were cruel enough to forget you, please send us an strongly-worded email ( and let us know. Please include as many web links as you can and we’ll fix our mistake ASAP.

We are also sorry if we did include you, but put you in the wrong place or missed half the awesome stuff you do. Please send us an email and correct us. (Feel free to call us a few names. We probably deserve it.)

And don’t forget to check out our Comedians main page for info on what we really want this section of the site to look like.

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name.associated with.genre.links.
Aaron EssexThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Aaron MerkeBucko!, Who-Tang ClanimprovBucko @ The Vancouver International Improv Fest website
Alan MarriottTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Alan PavlakovicThe BobbersimprovTwitter
Alistair CookInstant Theatre,, GhostJail, Canadian Improv GamesimprovInstant Theatre website East Van Comedy website GhostJail website Canadian Improv Games
Allen MorrisonTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Amber CellaThe Fictionals, Idle Minds (sketch)improvThe Fictionals on Facebook Idle Minds on Facebook
Beth GarnerThe FictionalsimprovThe Fictionals on Facebook
Bill TaylorThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Bradley DuffyThe Fictionals, Idle MindsimprovThe Fictionals on Facebook Idle Minds on Facebook
Brian AndersonTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Brian CookWho-Tang ClanimprovThe Who-Tang Clan on Facebook
Briana RaynerThe Bobbers, Virginia JackimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook Virginia Jack's homepage
Caitlin HowdenTheatreSports, Uncalled ForimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website Caitlin Howden's bio @ Uncalled For
Chip EllisWho-Tang Clan, Improv Monday at Rowan's RoofimprovThe Who-Tang Clan on Facebook Improv Mondays' Craigslist events page Improv Monday on Twitter
Christine BortolinGhostJailimprovGhostJail website
Conor HollerBronx CheerimprovBronx Cheer's Facebook groupConor Holler on Twitter
Dan DumshaThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook Dan Dumsha on Twitter Dan Dumsha's reel on YouTube
Daniel BelkinThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Daniel ChaiThe FictionalsimprovThe Fictionals on Facebook
Dave MatteThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
David C. JonesThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook David C. Jones on Facebook
David MilchardTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Denise JonesTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Derek BedryThe Bobbers, Rear Entry Adult Puppet ShowimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook Derek Bedry on Twitter Derek Bedry's homepage Rear Entry Adult Puppet Show website
Devon LougheedGhostJailimprovGhostJail website
Diana FrancesTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Diana LiThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Doug CameronThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Elizabeth BowenTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Ellen KennedyTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Emmett HallThe Sunday ServiceimprovThe Sunday Service website Emmett Hall @ Vancouver is Awesome Emmett Hall's blog
Eric FellTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website Eric Fell on Twitter
Gary JonesTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Graeme DuffyTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Ian RoweGhostJailimprovGhostJail website Ian Rowe on Twitter
Jamie ChrestThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Jennifer PerrinThe Fictionals, The BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook The Fictionals on Facebook
Jennifer PielakTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Jordan KrahnThe FictionalsimprovThe Fictionals on Facebook
Kaitlin FontanaGhostJail, Instant TheatreimprovInstant Theatre website GhostJail website
Ken LawsonTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Kevin LeeThe Sunday ServiceimprovThe Sunday Service website Kevin Lee @ Vancouver is Awesome
Lauren CochraneBuckoimprovBucko @ The Vancouver International Improv Fest website
Margret NyforsTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Michael DeMariaUBCImprovimprovUBCImprov website
Michael RobinsonTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Michael TeigenTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Michele TolosaThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Nathan ClarkTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Nelson WongThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Nima GholamipourLORAXimprovLORAX on Vimeo Nima Gholamipour on Twitter
Pearce VisserThe Bobbers, TheatreSportsimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook Vancouver TheatreSports League website
Rae ClarkThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Randy SchooleyTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Ryan WhyteWho-Tang ClanimprovThe Who-Tang Clan on Facebook
Sarah SzlobodaThe Bobbers, Fancy Pants, Who-Tang ClanimprovThe Who-Tang Clan on Facebook The Bobbers on Facebook Fancy Pants website Fancy Pants on Twitter Sarah Szloboda on Twitter
Scott AntifaveThe FictionalsimprovThe Fictionals on Facebook
Scott PateyFancy PantsimprovFancy Pants website Fancy Pants on Twitter The Official Scott Patey Fan Page on Facebook
Shaun StewartTheatreSportsimprovVancouver TheatreSports League website
Shawn NormanThe BobbersimprovThe Bobbers on Facebook
Tim CarlsonLORAXimprovLORAX on Vimeo
Tyler CheyneFancy PantsimprovFancy Pants website Fancy Pants on Twitter

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