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We have wracked our brains – and the Internet – to bring you this utterly incomplete and woefully inadequate list of comedians currently working in Vancouver. We apologize for the complete non-user-friendliness of the format. We’re still working out the kinks, but we wanted to bring you what little we had sooner, rather than later.

We’re sure we’ve missed more than half of you, for which we are deeply sorry. We’re forgetful and ignorant and we just don’t know what we’re doing. If we were cruel enough to forget you, please send us an strongly-worded email ( and let us know. Please include as many web links as you can and we’ll fix our mistake ASAP.

We are also sorry if we did include you, but put you in the wrong place or missed half the awesome stuff you do. Please send us an email and correct us. (Feel free to call us a few names. We probably deserve it.)

And don’t forget to check out our Comedians main page for info on what we really want this section of the site to look like.

name.associated with.genre.links.
name.associated with.genre.links.
Adam Patemanstand-upAdam Pateman's website Adam Pateman on Facebook Adam Pateman on Twitter
Andy Canetestand-upAndy Canete on Facebook Andy Canete on Twitter
Ardell Brophy-FitzpatrickLaff Riot Girlsstand-upLaff Riot Girls homepage Ardell Brophy-Fitzpatrick on Facebook
Arley McNeneystand-upN/A
Art Factorastand-upLife and Times of Art Factora Art Factora on Twitter
Ashley Dhawanstand-upN/A
Ben McGinnisstand-upBen McGinnis on Twitter Ben McGinnis' direct-to-fans Live at the Waldorf special
Brandon James Masonstand-upBrandon James Mason on Twitter Brandon James Mason's YouTube channel Brandon James Mason on Facebook
Brendan Bourquestand-upN/A
Brent Buttstand-upBrent Butt's website Brent Butt on Twitter
Brett Martinstand-upBrett Martin's website Brett Martin on Twitter
Carter Hortiestand-upCarter Hortie on Facebook Carter Hortie's direct-to-fans Live at the Waldorf special
Chris Allenstand-upChris Allen's website Chris Allen on Twitter
Chris Gaskinstand-upChris Gaskin's website Chris Gaskin on Twitter Chris Gaskin on Facebook
Chris Jamesstand-upComedy Killers review of Chris James
Christie Andersonstand-upMonday Jokes, Christie Anderson's webcomics
Damonde Tschritterstand-upDamonde Tschritter's website Damonde Tschritter on Twitter
Dan Quinnstand-upDan Quinn's website Dan Quinn on Facebook
Dan Willowsstand-upDan Willows on Facebook Dan Willows on Twitter
Darcy Michaelstand-upDarcy Michael on Twitter Darcy Michael's website Darcy Michael's YouTube channel
Darrell Bedfordstand-upDarrell Bedford on Facebook
Darren Elmorestand-upDarren Elmore on Twitter
Dave ShumkaStop Podcasting Yourselfstand-upDave Shumka on Twitter Stop Podcasting Yourself Dave Shumka on Facebook Dave Shumka on Tumblr
Dennis Litonjuastand-upDennis Litonjua on Twitter Dennis Litonjua on Facebook Dennis Litonjua's website
Donovan Mahoneystand-upDonovan Mahoney on Twitter
Ed Hillstand-upEd Hill's website Ed Hill on Twitter Ed Hill on Facebook
Erica Sigurdsonstand-upErica Sigurdson on Twitter Erica Sigurdson's website Erica Sigurdson's direct-to-fans Live at the Waldorf special
Ericka Youngstand-upN/A
Goldie Hoffmanstand-upGoldie Hoffman on Twitter Goldie Hoffman's website Goldie Hoffman's YouTube channel
Graham ClarkStop Podcasting Yourselfstand-upGraham Clark on Twitter Stop Podcasting Yourself Graham Clark's Live at the Waldorf direct-to-fans special
Greg Kettnerstand-upGreg Kettner on Twitter Greg Kettner on Facebook
Ian Baggstand-upIan Bagg's website Ian Bagg on Twitter
Ivan Deckerstand-upIvan Decker's website Ivan Decker on Twitter Ivan Decker on Facebook Ivan Decker's Live at the Waldorf direct-to-fans special
Jacob Samuelstand-upJacob Samuel on Twitter Daily Snooze, a webcomic by Jacob Samuel Jacob Samuel's personal website
James Mastersstand-upJames Masters on Facebook
Jamie Hutchinsonstand-upN/A
Jane Stantonstand-upJane Stanton on Twitter Jane Stanton's website Jane Stanton's Live at the Waldorf direct-to-fans special
Jared Borlandstand-upJared Borland on Twitter Jared Borland on Facebook Jared Borland's website
Jason Brydenstand-upJason Bryden's website Jason Bryden on Twitter Jason Bryden on Facebook
Jeremy Holtstand-upJeremy Holt on Facebook
Jimmy Barnesstand-upJimmy Barnes on Twitter
John Beuhlerstand-upJohn Beuhler on Twitter John Beuhler's website
John Cullenstand-upJohn Cullen on Twitter
Johnny Scoopstand-upJohnny Scoop on Twitter The Scoop on Scoop (Facebook)
Jordan Cohenstand-upJordan Cohen on Twitter
Karin Koshackstand-upN/A
Katie-Ellen Humphriesstand-upKatie-Ellen Humphries on Twitter
Kelly Dixonstand-upComedy Killers review of Kelly Dixon
Kelly Dyerstand-upComedy Killers review of Kelly Dyer
Kevin Foxxstand-upKevin Foxx's website
Kwasi Thomasstand-upKwasi Thomas on Facebook
Kyle Bottomstand-upKyle Bottom on Facebook
Kyle Jonesstand-upKyle Jones on Facebook
Larke Millerstand-upLarke Miller on Facebook
Laurie Haynesstand-upN/A
Linda Feuerhelmstand-upLinda Feuerhelm on Twitter Linda Feuerhelm on Facebook
Magnus Seimestand-upMagnus Seime on Twitter
Marlo Fransonstand-upMarlo Franson's website Marlo Franson on Twitter Marlo Franson on Facebook
Melanie Rosestand-upMelanie Rose on Twitter Melanie Rose's website
Michelle Shaughnessystand-upMichelle Shaughnessy on Twitter Michelle Shaughnessy's website Michelle Shaughnessy on Facebook
Mike Wolfestand-upMike Wolfe on Twitter Mike Wolfe's website
Neil Robinsonstand-upNeil Robinson on Facebook
Nic Roystand-upN/A
Patrick Malihastand-upPatrick Maliha on Twitter Patrick Maliha on Facebook Patrick Maliha's Live at the Waldorf direct-to-fans special
Paul Baestand-upPaul Bae on Twitter Paul Bae's website
Paul Breaustand-upPaul Breau on Twitter Paul Breau's website The Paul Breau-produced Live at the Waldorf series of comedy specials
Paul Myrehaugstand-upPaul Myrehaug's website Paul Myrehaug on Twitter Paul Myrehaug on Facebook
Peter Kelamisstand-upPeter Kelamis on Twitter Peter Kelamis on Facebook Peter Kelamis' website
Phil Hanleystand-upPhil Hanley on Twitter Phil Hanley's website Phil Hanley on Facebook
Rachel Burnsstand-upRachel Burns on Twitter
Rajee Rajstand-upRajee Raj on Facebook
Ruven K.stand-upRuven K. on Twitter
Ryan Lachancestand-upRyan Lachance on Twitter Ryan Lachance's YouTube channel
Sam Eastonstand-upComedy Killers review of Sam Easton
Sean Emenystand-upSean Emeny on Facebook
Sean Proudlovestand-upSean Proudlove's website Sean Proudlove on Twitter
Simon Kingstand-upSimon King's website Simon King on Twitter
Stephanie Clarkstand-upN/A
Steve Allenstand-upN/A
Sunee Dhaliwalstand-upSunee Dhaliwal on Twitter Sunee Dhaliwal on Facebook Sunee Dhaliwal's website
Susan Hansenstand-upSusan Hansen on Twitter
Suzy Rossomestand-upSuzy Rossome on Facebook
The Black Jesterstand-upThe Black Jester on Facebook
Toby Hargravestand-upToby Hargrave's website Toby Hargrave on Twitter
Tommy Shibaokastand-upComedy Killers review of Tommy Shibaoka

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