ComedyFest 2012: Todd Glass


Todd Glass performs at Vancouver ComedyFest 2012.


Todd Glass throws his back out during a bit at Vancouver ComedyFest 2012.


Todd Glass performs at Vancouver ComedyFest 2012.


Todd Glass performs at Vancouver ComedyFest 2012.


Todd Glass closed the Vancouver ComedyFest Saturday night at the VSO School of Music’s Pyatt Hall, and he put on an absolutely stellar show.

Before Glass hit the stage and brought down the house, a few other comedians got the show on a roll. Toby Hargrave MC’d the night and did a fine job keeping the crowd lively and looking forward to each of the comics. We arrived at the show a few minutes late, so we missed a little bit of his opening set, but what was caught of it was really funny. Still, even though he did such a great job MC’ing, I’d still like to see him do a full set.

Local funnyman Chris James was up next. I’ve seen James several times and he always manages to get a laugh out of me. His material is very easy to relate to and I think that’s why he always does so well with any audience he’s standing in front of (at least that’s the impression I get from the times I’ve seen him.) I’m glad he got to perform on the same night as Glass. It showcased him to people who likely don’t get out too often to see a comedy show in this city.

Now, if Glass weren’t performing on this show, the next comedian would have been my favourite of the night. Baron Vaughn, who you may know from the USA Network series Fairly Legal, was so funny and clever I was nearly in tears. His use of the DuckTales theme song as the basis for an entire joke was by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen from a comedian in the last few months. I’ve only seen Vaughn this one time and I’m already a fan.

And last, but certainly not least, Todd Glass. He a comedian I have admired from afar for a while now (not in a creepy way, just in a “he lives so far from Vancouver” way.) I was expecting a lot from Glass because I’m always hearing good things about him and he did not let me down. In fact, he exceeded my expectations. He is the whole comedic package. He’s got the ridiculously funny jokes, he knows how to interact with the audience, he’s got amazing stage presence and he even knows how to swing a microphone like a pro. I hope Glass comes back to Vancouver more often. I can tell by the way the audience reacted to him that this city loves him.

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