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The first Furious Anger Fun Hour show of the year was held on Tuesday night at the Havana Restaurant, and we were there to see what the troupe (Peter Carlone, Bryan Nothling, Sam Mullins and Chris Wilson) had in store for their audience with their brand-new sketches.

And don’t worry if you missed it, because there will be a second show on Wednesday, January 25th.


Brian says:

The Furious Anger Fun Hour guys are incredibly in-tune with the comedy they write. Each of them has a big personality on stage that translates well into the oddball characters they portray and allows them to hold nothing back when it comes to getting a laugh.

Here are just few things I noted while watching the show:

1. The four big personalities, although great for laughs, also led to moments where it seemed like there was some showing-up between the performers. It didn’t ruin the show at all, but it gave the appearance that there was the odd moment of disconnect between the group.

2. I absolutely love they way these guys break the fourth wall as often as they can. Whether it was commenting on how a joke didn’t fly with the audience, or making the audience a part of a re-write by William Shakespeare, there was a great sense that the performers were in tune with the crowd.

3. Bryan Nothling is a comedic force. ‘Nuff said.

I cannot recommend seeing the Wednesday show enough. It will absolutely be worth your time.

Amanda says:

Since it would look ridiculous for me to write “what he said,” I will add the following:

  1. It warmed my heart that the crowd was so huge they actually had to bring in chairs to seat everyone.
  2. Bryan Nothling is, indeed, a comedic force. I almost sprained an ab muscle when he started singing to Chris Wilson in the middle of the show.
  3. Peter Carlone is probably the quietest member of the group onstage – which means he’s sometimes overshadowed by the others – but he’s absolutely hilarious.
  4. See the Wednesday show! EastVanComedy and the Havana haven’t put any info up online, but most Furious Anger shows seem to be $10, with doors at 8pm and show at 8:30. (You can call the Havana to confirm at 604-253-9119, or visit their website.)

Oh, and one more thing – dress in your summer best. The Havana Theatre is a lovely, intimate little room, but by the end of the night, it’s a sauna in there.

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