Improv Against Humanity moves to the Rio!

Improv Against Humanity, the wildly popular improv show based upon the wildly popular card game Cards Against Humanity, is moving to the Rio next Wednesday.

IAH, which is put on by The Fictionals, has been selling out Cafe Deux Soleils for half a year, so creator Daniel Chai decided it was time to move it somewhere bigger.

“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the success of Improv Against Humanity,” said Daniel. “We’ve had people arrive two hours early to get the best seats, audience members sending in fan art; it’s really taken off. That’s why we’re excited to move to the larger Rio Theatre, which can help us grow our show to be even bigger and better than it is now.”

The format blends Cards Against Humanity itself with short-form improv. Chai explains:

“For those who don’t know Cards Against Humanity, it’s a card game where people get to try and out-horrible each other through a series of card wars, essentially. What we do with Improv Against Humanity is we bring Cards Against Humanity to life through a live, interactive game show. We get random audience members to come up on stage and play the game live for us and then we act out the winning card combinations.”

Out-horrible-ing your fellow Improv Against Humanitarians comes with some pretty sweet benefits, according to Chai.

“At the end of Improv Against Humanity at the Rio we will be crowning Vancouver’s most horrible person for that month, which people do take pride in,” he says.

So why check it out?

“Come out if you are a little bit twisted,” Chai says. “Come out if you are a fan of Cards Against Humanity. Come out if you are curious about what Cards Against Humanity is. Come out if you want to see some of Vancouver’s top improvisers have fun with some of the best audience members in Vancouver.”

See you there!


Improv Against Humanity is at the Rio Theatre starting Wednesday, June 19, and the third Wednesday of every month thereafter. Doors are at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $6 in advance or $9 at the door. You can buy them here. And check out The Fictionals on Facebook for info about their other shows. 

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