Nearly Robots returns this Thursday!

From Facebook:

On March 14th famed website is presenting NEARLY ROBOTS COMEDY SHOW: THE RETURN. 

Ladies and Gentleman please, stop hyperventilating. We realize that your life was just made infinitely better, but keep it together. 

Sure we’ll be featuring some of the best comedians in Vancouver. Sure we’ll likely sell out again. Sure we’ll probably have far fewer oxen deaths than last time. BUT for the love of sweet lady laugh laugh, keep calm enough to buy a ticket.

Doors Open at 8:00 PM

Show Features: 
David MacLean
Brynn Peebles
Brianna Wiens
Kyle “Kai-Bo” Bottom 
Ben McGinnis
Ben Mills 
Jordan Cohen

If you don’t already have your tickets, it’s not too late! Contact  Brynn PeeblesScott PateyBen MillsJordan CohenJacob Samuel or Kyle Bottom, or email (Tickets are $10)


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