People’s Champ starts tonight!

(Graphic from the Shore 104 website.)

Today’s the big day!

Patrick Maliha’s People’s Champ of Comedy competition kicks off tonight at the Kingston Taphouse at 9 pm. (Tickets are only $5.)

The 60 comics who will get the chance to compete for the $20,000 grand prize were announced a couple weeks ago. For the first round, they have been split up into four groups of fifteen. Each group will perform four shows per week during the first round of the competition:

  • Mondays – Kingston Taphouse (755 Richards Street)
  • Tuesdays – The Corner Pub (612 Davie St)
  • Wednesdays – The Kozmik Zoo (53 West Broadway)
  • Thursdays – The Sin Bin Sports Grill (295 West 2nd Avenue)

Each week, the votes from all four nights are added up, and whoever had the most total votes will move on to round two. A wild card from each week will also be chosen, for a total of 20 performers.

This week’s competitors are:

  1. Aimee Beaudoin
  2. Ash Dhawan
  3. Brett Martin
  4. Chris Allen
  5. Chris Garnier
  6. Dan Quinn
  7. Ed Hill
  8. Graham Clark
  9. Jordan Cohen
  10. Andrew Maclachlan (replacing Kyle Jones)
  11. Mau Scatolini
  12. Mikey Wolfe
  13. Ray Estrella (replacing Trevor Boris)
  14. Shirley Gnome
  15. Tiberius Swanker

Round two takes place from August 6th to 18th at the venues listed above, with an additional show each week at the Rio Theatre.

Eight comics will move onto the final round.

From August 20th to 25th, the top eight will perform at The Kingston, The Corner, The Kozmik Zoo and the Sin Bin, as well as the grand finale show at the Edgewater Casino on August 25th.

Participants will need to perform at 14 shows in order to qualify for the $20,000 grand prize.

Now get out and vote!

For more information about the People’s Champ competition, visit the Shore 104 website or the competition’s Facebook page.

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