Stage Freight #6: Kozmik Zoo edition – Capsule review/recap

We sent Amanda down to the Kozmik Zoo for the sixth annual Stage Freight comedy competition last night, where 18 comics were vying for $100 in cash and prizes – and, more importantly, bragging rights.

The competitors were:

Round 1:

Mike Greenwood

Evan Slade

Brennan Casey

Carl Turnbull

Round 2:

Dennis Litonjua

Eve Darcy

Shane Doell

Beverley O’Neil

Round 3:

Black Jester

Andrew Sauder

Hayley Bee

Round 4:

Colin Sharp

Chris Allen

Katy Webb

Round 5:

Manraj Sidhu

Brendan Bourque

Kellan Powell

Magnus Seime

Amanda says:

For me, the standouts of the night were Mike Greenwood, Brennan Casey, Katy Webb, Manraj Sidhu and Kellan Powell. They all got tons of laughs during their sets, but Greenwood and Sidhu didn’t advance. The biggest surprise of the night was that Dennis Litonjua and Chris Allen didn’t make it to the final round – while they were performing, the crowd really enjoyed them, but they didn’t get enough support during the voting.

The comics who did move on to the second round were Brennan Casey, Shane Doell, Hayley Bee, Katy Webb and Kellan Powell. Casey’s closing set was easily the best 7:51 of the night, but since he was only supposed to do 5:15, he was disqualified.

Third place went to up-and-comer Katy Webb. It was only her third time performing, but she delivered the best closer I’ve ever heard. (She yelled “I love pussy” and left the stage.) Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Kellan Powell and Hayley Bee went head-to-head for first place, and, unfortunately for Powell, Ms. Bee’s drunken charm and hordes of supporters ultimately secured her the win.

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