This week! Pump Trolley Comedy and Hip.Bang at Vancouver Fringe!

The funny folks over at Pump Trolley are bringing their comedy stylings to Vancouver Fringe this year. They sent us a very lovely press release, from which we took this excellent description:

Over the past few decades, Canada’s sketch comedy tradition has secured its place in mainstream culture thanks to the creativity of Kids in the Hall, Saturday Night Live, and PICNICFACE, whose Canadian faces busted guts around the world. Yet Vancouver has predominantly existed outside that tradition… until now! 

Pulled from the rugged wilderness of East Van, Pump Trolley Comedy is a collective of eight writer‐performers who like to get together and make fresh kinds of funny. Smart and absurd, this sketch group will surprise you. Bear jokes abound.

They’ve got shows in the Culture Lab at the Cultch (1895 Venables St) on:

  • Sept. 7 at 5:00 pm
  • Sept. 8 at 8:30 pm
  • Sept. 9 at 4:30 pm
  • Sept. 11 at 6:45 pm
  • Sept. 12 at 10:15 pm
  • Sept 13 at 5:00 pm
  • Sept. 14 at 8:30 pm
  • Sept 15 at 6:45 pm
  • Sept 16 at 2:45 pm

And if you’re in the mood for improv, Pump Trolley’s own Tom Hill and Devin Mackenzie (better known as Hip.Bang!) will be bringing their award-winning comedy stylings to the Little Mountain Gallery. Their equally lovely press release describes the show as “Hip.Bang!’s playful, absurdist improvisation meets magical mythology in Ensemble Fou’s presentation of … MATADOR VS MINOTAUR,” which was directed by Brette Little as part of a mentorship program that pairs emerging and professional artists.

Further reading reveals this, about Hip.Bang!:

Hip.Bang!’s unique brand of absurd, playful scene work has delighted audiences at improv festivals around the world. Comprised of Tom Hill and Devin Mackenzie, Hip.Bang! recently completed a 40‐show North American tour and were winners of the Victoria Fringe’s Pick of the Fringe in 2011.

And this about Matador vs. Minotaur:

MATADOR VS MINOTAUR was commissioned by the Playwrights Theatre Centre and follows Theseus, a wimpy adolescent, who in trying to win his father’s love and respect, risks his life to prove that this mythological creature that everyone fears doesn’t really exist. Playing with clown, stereotypes, myth, and pop culture, the play is a hilarious and original re‐telling of an ancient story, already rich in magic and drama.

Shows will be:

  • Fri. Sept 7 – 7pm Matador/9pm Hip.Bang!
  • Sat. Sept 8 –7pm Hip.Bang!/9pm Matador
  • Sun. Sept 9 – 7pm Hip.Bang!/9pm Matador
  • Thu. Sept 13 – 7pm Matador/9pm Hip.Bang!
  • Fri. Sept 14 – 7pm Hip.Bang!/9pm Matador
  • Sat. Sept 15 – 7pm Matador/9pm Hip.Bang!
  • Sun. Sept 16 – 7pm Matador/9pm Hip.Bang!

So get on down to Fringe and see some world-class comedy!



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